The Simplest Watercolour Background

There is lots-to-like about these cards for me.

They use up the remaining Wooden Stag Toppers I wanted to use this year.
I used some more of my new Papers from ‘Berry Bright’, creating Envelope Inserts with them.
And although they are very simple in design, they have more than just a few of my favourite things … neutrals with a pop of colour, a very organic, very tactile, lots of little details, a little bit of sparkle …

Here’s how I made them …

First I created the simplest Watercolour background by dropping random splashes of grey paint onto my Card Base. Mixing the paint quite loosely, so it is quite watery, helps the paint to drop more easily.

At this point, I decided that the Stag Toppers I wanted to use needed to be a little more bolder on the Cards, to give them, as the focal point, a little more character & presence. So I painted the Wooden Stags with Watercolour Paints too, using the same paint I’d used for my background. The wood was quite porous and the paint quite watery, and as the colour soaked into the wood, it enhanced the grain of the wood. I did a couple of layers of paint to achieve the depth of colour I wanted & I was very happy with how they turned out. (You can see their original colour on the image in *this* post.)

I finished the Stags with a light coat of Hairspray to seal the paint.

Whilst the Cards & Stags were drying, I threaded flat red sequins onto some lenghts of Twine. I had to thread the sequins carefully through a needle first though as my Twine wouldn’t fit through hole in the centre! I used 3 Sequins for each Card.

When my paint was dry, I wrapped my sequinned Twine around each Stag, then mounted them onto the Card Bases using dimensionals. I stamped my sentiment & added a few sequins & Crystals to finish.
I think they have a Hygge style about them. And I think the patterned Envelope Inserts set the Cards off really nicely.
I like both of those things too.

5 more Cards to add to my total.
Now I have 29 : )

Love Liz xx

Card Credits
130mm White Card Blanks.
Patterned Paper: 'Berry Bright' Designer Digital Paper Pack printed onto 120gsm White Paper.
Wooden Stag Toppers: From my stash & originally from Hobbycraft.
Sentiments: Wooden Alpha Stamps DCVW0050. By Dovecraft at Hobbycraft.
Khaki Coloured 1mm Waxed Shamballa Cord & a selection of small sequins & crystals.

Step-by-Step to Christmas 2020: Step Four


1st December.
Today is the day every year that I like to review my Crafting-for-Christmas progress so far and make any adjustments to my plan if I need to. It helps be very clear about how much I can realistically make in the time I have left & revise my plan if I need to. It also gives me an opportunity to stand back & see how I’m using my current Christmas Craft supplies, and make accordingly - I don’t like to carry too many Christmas supplies forward from year to year.

It’s also the day I like to have all my Cards made.

And this year, I’m nicely on target. I have made all my Cards : ) I’ve just spent the most wonderful weekend finishing them off!

I can now move onto making any gifts, & anything I want to make for my home this year. Anything but a Card! But it does mean I have some more Cards to share with you.

And I’m going to begin with these. I call them my Skinny Stag Cards. This design was the first Card I made this year. And as the Wooden Toppers were on my list of supplies I wanted to use up this year & I had 2 toppers left & unused, I’ve made 2 more Cards with them, this time in a different colour.

4 more Cards to add to my total : )
24 so far.

Love Liz xx

Card Credits
Patterned Paper: 'Fanciful' in 'Alabaster' & 'French Chateau' from the French Country Colour Collection printed onto White Card. 
Sentiments: Wooden Alpha Stamps DCVW0050. By Dovecraft at Hobbycraft. 
Wooden Stag & Snowflake Toppers: From my stash & originally from Hobbycraft. 
Linen & Dark Grey Coloured 1mm Waxed Shamballa Cord & a selection of small sequins & crystals.

The Perfect Bulk-Make Card Design

So continuing with my Step-by-Step to Christmas Crafting, I'm still on Step 3 and Making Cards.
And for these, I’m using a couple of the Paper Designs from ‘Berry Bright’.

I LOVED making these Cards.
The design is modern & festive and fun. They have lots of lovely little detail & lots of depth. And they are very tactile. I love that in a Card.
There are hand-painted painted elements on the Card, as well as on the Papers. I love colouring with Watercolours. They are just so organic.
I also used my Gilding Flakes for the first time. Ha! That was fun! They get e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e don’t they! But I love those too. They look absolutely lovely on the Paper. It was so worth the mess : )

All that, in itself, would be enough for these to be the perfect Bulk-Make for me. But they’re also perfect because …

- I needed to print only 2 pieces of Patterned Paper to make 12 cards. The remaining printing was simply black & white.
- There was no waste. I used virtually every scrap of paper & card that I printed. That's good value printing!
- They were essentially very simple and & not particularly time-consuming to put together. The longest part of the process was waiting for my painting to dry.

So I’ve made 12 of them.

Here’s how I put them together.
I like to create my Mat first, then mount it to my card base. So we’ll do that first …

I printed 3 sheets of my new ‘Painterly’ Christmas Sentiments onto Smooth White Card & cut loosely around each one.

Using the White Card that was left after I’d cut out my Sentiments, I die-cut 24 small foliage & 12 small holly pieces. And I painted them with Watercolour Paints.

Whilst the paint was drying, I printed 2 sheets of Patterned Paper onto 120gsm White Paper, choosing the ’Snow Roses’ & ’Silver Twist’ designs from ‘Berry Bright’

I cut each sheet into 6 squares, 99mm square & adhered each square onto a piece of card. I added Gilding Flakes to 3 of the ones made with ’Snow Roses’. (I used my Sakura Quickie Glue Pen as the adhesive). That gave me 6 with a ’Silver Twist’ background, 3 ungilded with ’Snow Roses’ & 3 gilded ’Snow Roses’.

Using dimensionals, I secured a Sentiment to the middle of each Mat. I added the foliage & holly die-cuts, finished with some Sequins & tiny Adhesive Gems and mounted each Mat using dimensionals to the centre of a 130mm White Card Blank.

Done! 12 more Cards : )
Did I tell you that I LOVE them?
I am really hoping they’re well-received : )

And you can find 'Berry Bright' *here* in the Boutique.

Love Liz xx

Card Credits
A6 White Card Blanks.
Patterned Papers: 'Berry Bright' Designer Digital Paper Pack printed onto 120gsm White Paper.
Sentiments: 'Painterly' Digital Sentiments printed onto Smooth White Card.
Foliage Die: 'Fab Foliage' Die-Namics by MFT. Cut from Smooth White Card and painted with Watercolour Paints.
A selection of Sequins & Adhesive Gems.

Step-by-Step To Christmas 2020: Step Three

I made some progress with my Step-by-Step to Christmas Crafting this weekend. I’ve moved onto Step 3: Making Cards : )

And I began by making Cards with my new ‘Merry Gnoel’ Images.

Let me tell you how I made them. They were simple to make. And quick. It took me longer to paint the images than it did to put the Cards together.
I began by printing 2 sheets of the Images, with the Sentiments included, onto Smooth White Card. And I painted them loosely using Watercolour Paints.

Whilst the paint was drying, I printed 3 sheets of A4 Card - one each of ‘Fanciful’, ‘Billowy’ & 'Snowballs', all in ‘French Chateau’ from the French Country Colour Collection. And I cut them in half to create 6 A6 sized Card Bases.

Once my Images were dry, I secured them to my Card Bases, mounting them in slightly different ways. I added a Mini Bell or a Mini Snowball PomPom to their hats. And added Twine and a few Sequins to finish. The Bells are very cute. They tinkle when you pick up the Card!

I used 2 White A6 Card Blanks so I could use the remaining 2 Images.
You can find the 'Merry Gnoel' Images *here* in the Boutique.

8 Cards : )

Love Liz xx

Card Credits
A6 White Card Blanks.
Patterned Paper: ‘Fanciful’, ‘Billowy’ & 'Snowballs', all in ‘French Chateau’ from the French Country Colour Collection, printed onto Smooth White Card.
Images with Sentiments: 'Merry Gnoel' Digital Image Stamps printed onto Smooth White Card & coloured lightly with Watercolour Paints.
1mm Waxed Kraft Twine, Mini PomPoms & Bells & a selection of small sequins & crystals.

A Little Christmas Gift For You

I made these cards with my 'Modern Christmas Sentiments' & my new 'Berry Bright' Papers.

The Sentiments are FREE : )
They're my little gift to you this Christmas : )
And the link to download them is below : )

Downloading & Printing Instructions
They print as a .pdf file on a single sheet of A4.
You will need the free Adobe Reader to print them.

Personal use only please.

Don't forget to share a link in the comments if you make something with them. Everyone who downloads them, myself included, would really love to see. We all love lots of inspiration. Please don't be shy!

And enjoy!

Love Liz xx

Card Credits
130mm White Square Card Blanks.
Patterned Paper: ''Berry Bright' Digital Designer Paper Pack printed onto 120gsm White Paper & decorated with Craft Sand Glitter from Hobbycraft.
Sentiments: 'Modern Christmas' Sentiments printed onto Smooth White Card.
Holly Die (1): By Simply Creative at The Range.
Holly Die (2): Hobbycraft Mini Dies. From Hobbycraft
Foliage Die: MFT cut from Smooth White Card & coloured with Watercolour Paints.
Craft Sand: From Hobbycraft
Twine, Mini PomPoms & a selection of small sequins & crystals.

Step-By-Step to Christmas 2020: Step Two

So ... I made a plan for everything I’d like to make for Christmas this year.
I've been through my Craft supplies to see what I already have. And made a list of the things I wanted to buy.
And now I'm on to Step Two : Shopping!

Usually this Step is lot more enjoyable than it has been this year. I don't enjoy visiting any shop at the moment, even Craft Shops. But, I did venture out a little & managed to pick up a few things before the latest Lockdown began. The rest I've just picked up online.

Let me show you what I've chosen : )

From Paperchase, some beautiful new Hammer Card, Paper & Envelopes. These have a lovely, subtle Hammer texture. It's quite a soft texture. And they're a nice & white.

I also chose some Metallic Gold Paper & Envelopes too.

For me, Paperchase is one of the few shops we have in the UK where I am more or less guaranteed to find something to buy whenever I go in. It's definitely one of my favourite shops. I haven't used either of these before. So I'm looking forward to trying them.

I've stocked up on some basics ... Envelopes, Mini PomPoms & Bells, and made sure I have enough sparkle ... Adhesive Gems & Sequins. All from Hobbycraft & The Range.


I'm trying Cosmic Shimmer for the first time. Yep. First time (I know!) ...

... & I have some new Cord. It's 1mm Shamballa Waxed Cord, which I bought *here*. I chose the colours 'Linen' & 'Khaki', which is a really good match for the new Spruce Green colour in 'Berry Bright'. (I've already used the 'Linen' colour on my stag cards *here*.

And finally, I do, of course, have my New Papers, 'Berry Bright' ...
New 'Fanciful', 'Billowy' & 'Snowballs" Designs in The Colour Collection & French Country Colours ...
and new 'Painterly' Sentiments & 'Merry Gnoel' Little Gnome Images too.

I'm all ready for Step Three: Crafting!
I'm going to begin that next : )

Love Liz xx

Step-by-Step to Christmas 2020: Step One

So I now have a plan of exactly what I want to make for Christmas this year.
I am ready to move onto my Step-by-Step to Christmas Crafting Process for making them.

Just to recap … my Step-by-Step to Christmas Crafting Process is a system I have developed which helps me make sure I get all my crafting for the season done, on time, regardless of when I begin. Experience has shown me that if I follow specific steps, in a certain order, and make time to do them, I will stay focused & organised, keep my costs down & get everything I want to make, made on time. And I can craft for Christmas the way I want to craft for Christmas : )

Today, I’m doing Step One: WHAT DO I ALREADY HAVE?
In this Step I make sure I have enough supplies to make everything I want for the Season. And put together a Shopping List for anything I might need, or want, before I begin crafting in earnest.

Craft Basics
I tend to use the same kind of things on my cards all year round - same twine, buttons, felt, ribbons, card blanks, envelopes, adhesives, dies etc. And of course, my favourite card and paper for printing. So the core products I use for Christmas Crafting are the same. Anything I have that's just for the season is simply an addition to the things I use all year round.
I check I have enough of all of these.
I also check whether any of my tools need replacing. Christmas is my biggest crafting event of the year. If eg my die-cut machine needs replacing, I would do it at this time of year. I wouldn't want to struggle with old equipment when I have a lot of cards to make.

Christmas Basics
For me this is things like Papers, Glitter Paper, Glitter, Christmas Ribbons, Christmas Embellishments, any printed items I may have saved from previous years etc. It helps that I keep my Christmas stash separate to everything else. It makes it simpler to do this.
I check I have enough of these too.

Then I make a note of anything else that I have, which I'd particularly like to use. Or use up.

And for me, this year, from my Christmas stash, I have a lot of Wooden Toppers. A lot.

I’ve bought these over the past few years from The Range & Hobbycraft. I've used a lot. I like them on my Christmas Cards. They are fabulous for bulk-makes. But I still have some left. And I would like some new ones. The way I see it, if I use these this year, I can justify buying some new ones, in new designs, next year : )

And do you remember *these* beautiful Red Velvet Ribbons? Well I still have some left. They're far too lovely to be sitting in a box. I’d like to use what I have left of these on my makes this year too.

By the time I’ve completed this Step, I know what I currently have, I know what I need & I now have my Shopping List : )

This step always, always, saves me money on Step Two … going shopping to buy the things I need. I'm hoping to find something totally new to inspire me too : )

I’ll show you what I chose this year in my next post : )

Love Liz xx