The Pink Petticoat Portfolio : Stage 3

During the last couple of months, I've been looking through the retired & remaining designs from The Pink Petticoat Portfolio and making some decisions about which ones I'm going to add to the Boutique. (Stage 3 of the rebuild process!)

This is my progress so far ...

'Daisy Daisies' is now out of retirement & back in the Boutique *here*.

These are designs from elsewhere in the Portfolio which had never been added to The Colour Collection. Until today. They make lovely papers in all the colours.
Autumn Blooms
Painterly Dots in two sizes
(which you can see from my cards had both been part of The French Country Collection, but not The Colour Collection.)
Simple Hearts
Tiny Tulips
Crosses and

And 'Chrysanthemums', which I missed when I was adding designs earlier in the year!

I've also made a few little tweaks to the Web Site in the hope that it will make everything easier to find as I rebuild. There are a lot of designs to add! If you could take a minute to let me know how you find it, I'd really appreciate that!

Ans you can find all the new additions in *this section* of the Boutique.

Love Liz xx

2 comments on The Pink Petticoat Portfolio : Stage 3

  1. How funny that you should blog today, as only yesterday I was looking through your papers, I love the new ones and the Boutique is so easy to wander around. Look out purse LOL.