Wand Cards Part 2: Fastening Wands To Cards

Day Two of my mini-series on making Wands for your Cards.

The series covers three different stages ...
1. How to make a basic wand (which I covered in my post yesterday)
2. How to adapt this quickly & simply to add to a greetings card, and make it interactive too, so that the wand can be taken off and played with.
3. Share some ideas for making them even prettier and more sparkly.

Today then, as Part Two, I'm going to show you how to adapt the basic Wand to fit your greetings cards. And a pretty way to fasten them to your Cards too.

Step 1: Measure

And this is simply cutting the stick to size and an appropriate-sized Topper for the Card you want to make.

So loosely lay out your card, choose a suitable size of Topper, measure the length you want your stick to be & cut it to size.
As an example, my Card is 5" x 7" (approx 13cm x 18cm), my Star Topper is 6cm across and I have cut my stick down to 6" (15cm).
For a larger- or smaller-sized card, you could choose a larger- or smaller-sized Topper and cut the stick to a different length.

Once you are happy with the size of both, put it together in the same way as the full-size Wand I showed you yesterday, and decorate it. And I'll be sharing some ideas for that tomorrow : )

Then we're ready to fasten it to your Card Base.

Step 2: Fasten

I have 2 methods I like to use to do this.

Both require you to be mounting your wand onto card, for strength. You're going to be tying a bow. And if you try to do that with paper, it will just tear. So you need to be mounting onto either your actual card base if you're making a single-layer card or a Card Mat if you're layering. And if you're fastening it to a Card Mat, it's better to do it before mounting your Mat to your Card base.

The first method then is to use a pretty cord or covered elastic to tie them on. Like this ...

1. Place your finished wand where you'd like it to be on your Card (or Card Mat) and working from the front, pierce two small holes either side of the stick, just underneath the Topper & any trimmings you have tied on.

2. From the back, thread your cord through both holes so both ends of the cord are sitting loosely at the front of your card.

3. Pop your Wand into position & tie securely into a pretty bow.

The bow can easily be untied & your Wand simply lifted off to play. And tied back on if you like!

This is my favourite method. It makes the fastening into a feature. And untying the bow to release the Wand adds another layer of loveliness to the whole Card experience.

As an alternative, if you like this tie-on method, but don't want to add a bow to your Card, perhaps because you've already added a pretty bow to your Wand and don't want anything to detract from it, then it's easy to reverse this method putting the tie at the back. Like this ...

It produces a very simple, neat finish on the front of your Card, won't detract from your trimmings & it secures your Wand equally as well as tying it to the front.

Both of these will hold your Wand nice and securely to the front of your Card. But if you want to add a little more security, just add a glue dot towards the bottom of the stick. They're a very discreet fastening. I've added one to my Card in the image above. Can you see it?

Which moves me on rather nicely to the second method I like to use to secure my Wands. And that's simply to use a couple of Glue Dots. Very quick & super simple!

Any clear, non-permanent Glue Dot will work. I've found that Lo-Tack Dots are not quite strong enough to hold my Wands securely. But any normal or Hi-Tack Dots have been just fine.
And size, well the wooden skewers are about 3mm wide, & a 3 - 4mm Glue Dot sits very nicely, and hidden behind them.

Just add one close to the Topper and another about 2/3rds off the way down & your Wand will sit very securely. And it can still easily be taken off your Card to play & popped back on too!

Just be certain to place them where they will adhere to the stick and not a decoration!

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing some pretty & sparkly ideas for decorating your Wands.

And if you have any questions about fastening your Wands to your Cards, please just ask : )
Or if you have a different method you like to use for securing Wands to Cards, please share it in the comments below. All ideas are very welcome!

If you haven't yet seen the new 'Star Wand' & 'Snowflake Wand' Sentiments, you can find them individually *here* and *here* in the Boutique.

Love Liz xx

Card Credits
5 x 7 White Card Blank
Sentiment: 'Star Wand' Sentiments in Pure Silver & printed onto 100gsm Laid White paper (Paperworks #4). From Paperchase.
Star Die: Papertrey Ink.

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