Step-by-Step Christmas: Step One

I don't make Christmas cards all year round. Usually, by the time I've finished crafting for Christmas one year, I am rather relieved to pack it all away, out of sight. I don't even look at it until I'm ready to start Christmas the following year. So I keep my Christmas stash separate to everything else.

I don't actually have very much. I tend to use the same kind of things on my cards all year round - same twine, buttons, felt, ribbons, card blanks, dies etc. And of course, my favourite card and paper for printing. So the core products I use for Christmas Crafting are the same. Anything I have that's just for the season is simply an addition to the things I use all year round.

But my starting point for Christmas every year is to take a look at what I do already have especially for Christmas. So for me ...

1. Glitter Paper, Glitter, Christmas Ribbons, Dies, Embellishments etc.

2. Any printed items I have saved.

I never make my own Christmas cards using only my new-for-this-year Christmas designs. I always draw from all my existing designs too. I have created a mix'n'match portfolio of designs. And I like to use them.

I also print only what I'll use too. And use what I print. So although last year I didn't have many printed items left over, I did save what I thought I could realistically still use. The picture above is just about it!

3. Anything I have, that perhaps I've had for while, which I'd particularly like to use. Or use up.

For me, this year, I have quite a large stock of beautiful, heavyweight Hammered Card. I bought it last year to make a batch of wedding invitations. And I had quite a lot left. I'd like to see that made into something.

I also have some printable fabric sheets which I rarely use, and some Red Velvet Ribbons. I've had them both for a long time - three years?. This Christmas, I've decided I'm going to use them.

So I've pulled all these out to use this Christmas. The strange thing is, since I've pulled them all out of the cupboard and I can see them every time I go into my Studio, each of these is talking Christmas to me!

I then gather all these things together & put them in a place where I can see them everyday.

This not only inspires me to start thinking of ideas for what I might make with them, it helps me give me a relatively clear idea of anything else I might still need. It always, always, saves me money on the next step ... going shopping to find a few lovely new things to add to what I already have.

Coming next : )

Love Liz xx

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  1. Love this and is sensible and definitely easy to do, but I don't always do sensible. There are always new goodies out there every year and I just can't help myself. I forget what I've bought the year before and end up buying things I really don't need. How do you do it? Looking forward to the next instalment.
    Happy Crafting.