How To Make A Paper Bag Envelope


Today, I want to show you how to make a Paper Bag Envelope.
They are perfect for cards with lots of layers, or very bold embellishments, like my Big Bow Cards.

It's a very simple idea. And, I think, a very stylish alternative to a Card Box or an expandable envelope.

They're certainly much quicker to make, probably better value for money too. And it's very easy to co-ordinate them completely with your cards.

Here's how to make one : )

  • A4 Sheet of Paper
  • Adhesive
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon or Twine
  • Bone Folder / Scoring Tool {optional)

1. With your paper in landscape mode, and the inside facing you, fold in 1cm along the short edge of your paper. You can score this first if you prefer.
2. Bring the other short edge over to meet the folded edge, create a crease and press it flat.

3. Now you're going to create a flap which will form seal the bottom of your envelope. And seal it to. So open your paper up, using the centre crease as a starting point, on the side without the 1cm fold, trim approx 2 1/2cm from the bottom edge.
4. Fold back together ... can you see you've created a flap at the bottom edge? You're now going to neaten it up so when it is folded, it is neater and less bulky. So, trim off the edges of the flap at a slight angle. And cut off any excess the 1cm side-edge fold.

5. Fold up this bottom edge. You should now be able to see the Paper Bag coming together.
6. Open up your Envelope and apply your adhesive along the length of the 1cm fold.

7. Fold & press it down firmly to seal the edge.
8. Apply adhesive to the flap at the bottom edge.

9. Fold it up & press firmly to seal.
10. Now you're going to create a fastening. So at the top of the bag, punch 2 small holes centrally positioned. They need to be large enough to thread through your twine or ribbon.

11. Pop your card inside your envelope.

12. Thread through your twine ...
13. ... & tie it into a bow.

And your Paper Bag Envelope is finished!

It's easy to adjust the size of them to accommodate different sized cards. You just need to remember to allow enough width & length in your envelope to accommodate the depth of your Card.

Oh, and it's easier to write your recipient's name on a Paper Bag Envelope before you put your Card inside. It's difficult to write on top of all those lovely layers! Or just add a tag : )

Love Liz xx

Paper Bag Envelope
Plain Paper: 'Solid Colour Paper' in 'Alabaster'. From the Free French Country Colour Resources Pack. Printed onto White Copy Paper.
Dotty Paper: 'Lots of Smaller Dots' in 'Pure Crimson'. From the The Colour Collection. Printed onto White Copy Paper.
Twine, WRMK Crop-A-Dile Hole Punch, Scrap of White Card for a Tag.

Big Bow Card
White Card Blanks.
Patterned Paper: 'Lots of Really Big Dots' in 'Alabaster'. From the French Country Collection. Printed onto White Copy Paper.
Patterned Paper: 'Lots of Smaller Dots' in 'Pure Crimson'. From the The Colour Collection. Printed onto lightweight {160gsm} White Card.
Patterned Paper: 'Jingle Bells Text' in 'Pure Silver'. From The Christmas Colour Collection Collection. Printed onto Smooth White Card.
Sentiments: 'Christmas Lettering' Sentiments in 'Jet Black' & 'Wild Willow' printed onto Smooth White Card.
Bow Die: Lil' Inkers
Scalloped trim trimmed from the edges of a Scallop Edge Card base.

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  1. Hi Liz
    Another fabulous idea that looks amazing and doesn't look difficult to make. Think I may have to try this one out. Have a bit of a crafty day today to try and finish some Christmas cards, so if I get time later will definitely be having a go.
    I'm really enjoying this Christmas series and am so looking forward to the next instalment.