My Christmas Crafting Process: Step Two

Step One is complete. I know what I already have for my Christmas crafting this year and I have some clarity about what I need. I know what style of card I like to make. I know how many cards I want to make. I am ready to put together my shopping list.

I am very lucky. I have a portfolio of digital Christmas Papers, Images & Sentiments that I could, if I wanted to, use to make my Christmas Cards for the next ten years, without designing or buying any more. And I'd still be able to make something different every year! I will use some of these designs this year. I don't need any new ones.

But I like to have new Papers & Sentiments & Images every year. I enjoy making cards. I enjoy that quite a lot of my Christmas every year is handmade. New Papers inspire me with new ideas & help me to keep my crafting fresh and, if I wanted, on-trend. I enjoy treating myself to new Papers. So they are a regular addition to my Christmas shopping list.

This year, I already have them : )

Is there anything I need to replace or restock to complete my Christmas crafting?
Do I need Paper for printing? Card for printing? Card Blanks? Envelopes? Twine? Adhesives?
Any equipment or tools that need replacing? Christmas is my biggest crafting season. If eg my die-cut machine needs replacing, I would do it at this time of year. I wouldn't want to struggle with old equipment when I have a lot of cards.

Craft Basics are the basic things that I could use to make my Christmas cards along with my existing digital designs, even if I wasn't buying anything else this year. I prioritise these.

A regular addition to my Craft Basics list every year are 5" x 7" Card Blanks. I buy a pack of these every year. They're a good price. They have envelopes. I'll either use them this size or cut them down to 4" x 6". I'll then use either the C6 envelopes I currently have. Or I'll make them from patterned paper.

I there anything I need to buy that I am likely only ever use for Christmas?
Anything I'd like that would be a nice addition to my Christmas Craft Stash that I would use year on year?

For me, I regularly buy more Red / White Twine, Gold & Silver Sparkly Thread & Christmas Embellishments.
I like to use these embellishments with my Sentiment sheets. Like I did *here* & *here*. They're quick cards to make and I like to use a mix of hand-made & ready-made embellishments on them.

As a one-off purchase this year, I decided I wanted a Foliage Die. I didn't have one (I know!) & I wanted to try one. And a new small Holly Die. The one I had is now out of shape and needs replacing.

By methodically working through these sections, I create a shopping list of everything I either want or need to complete my Christmas Crafting this year.
And I go shopping, I'll shop online or in stores - I don't mind.

I buy enough. But I don't buy extras 'just in case'.
I've learned my lesson with this. All that happens with the 'extras' is that they invariably don't get used & they sit in the cupboard until next year. And of course, the following year, when new products are available which I'd like to buy, I either go without the new ones so that the old ones get used. Or I buy the new ones as well, and the old ones get put in the back of the cupboard never to see the light of day again. I don't do this any more.

I stay open to something new, perhaps something I've never tried before & that fits my style. Something that inspires me.

I'm aware of my weak spot(s).
We all have one. Or two! For me, it's paper. I am almost always totally seduced by a pack of beautiful paper. Usually, but not always, in Paperchase.
I constantly look for beautiful paper that I can print on. And I don't have to be craft shopping to look for it. If I see paper anywhere for sale, I am looking at it.
So, where paper is concerned, I try to reign myself in. And I'm successful - most of the time! But being aware of my weak spot helps me not to go too far overboard : )

When I'm finished shopping, I put everything on my making table, which is where it will all stay until my Christmas crafting is complete.

And I'm ready to start making ...
Next : )

Love Liz xx

My Shopping
5 x 7 White Card Blanks & Envelopes: Hobbycraft
Silver Glitter Card Blanks: Hobbycraft
Silver Glitter Wooden Bauble Toppers: Hobbycraft
Grey & White Wooden Angel Toppers: Hobbycraft
Tiny Silver Bells: Hobbycraft (not pictured)
Small Holly Die: The Range
Red & White Bells: The Range
Coloured Twine: The Range
Metallic Card Blanks: Paperchase
Fun Foliage Die: MFT

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  1. I bought the Foliage dies recently too. Great set. I'm enjoying reading your posts. Great way to stay on track and enjoy the season.