Step-by-Step to Christmas 2020: Before I Begin...

There is one thing I do before I begin my Step-by-Step to Christmas every year ...
I make a plan for what I want to make.

I didn’t include the details of my plan last time I blogged my Step-by-Step to Christmas process. I think I referred to it. But I didn't fully include it. So I wanted to do that this year.

Let me tell you how I put my plan together ...

First, I choose who I'm making for this year.
Am I making for any Charities this year?
Am I doing any Craft Fayres?
Have I taken any orders to make Cards for anyone else?
Or is everything I’m making this year just for me or to send to family & friends & neighbours?

Then I choose what kinds of papery goodness, and how many of each, I am going to make.
How many Cards?
Gift Bags? Or Gift Boxes? Or Papers for Wrapping any gifts I’m buying?
How many Gift Tags?

Am I making any gifts this year?
Do I need to make Bags, Boxes or Wrapping for those?

Would I like to make anything for my home?
Decorations, garlands, table favours etc?

And the answers to these questions, forms my plan : )

So, my plan for 2020 ...
All my cards this year are for my own personal use. I can't remember making for Craft Fayres or Charities for several years now. Nor have I taken any orders to make Cards for anyone else either. I'm not sure I'd want to do it any more either really.

On my to-make list then for this year is …
40 Cards
6 Cards, Gift Bags & Tags for tween-aged girls
6 Sweetie Gifts and 6 Gifts Bags & Tags
A few new Tree Decorations
2 Table Favours
A couple of Cards, Bags & Tags as extras ... just in case : )

I find it really useful to make a plan, even if it's only a rough one.
  • Well, a plan gives me clarity on how much crafting I’ll be doing & generally, that gives me an idea of how much time I may need to make everything.
  • Knowing what I’m making, and for whom, helps me generate lovely, appropriate ideas.
  • It also helps me to stay organised during the biggest Card-Making event of the Year & craft Christmas the way I want to. So I enjoy it more : )
  • Having a plan informs the Steps of my Step-by-Step Christmas Crafting process that I follow to make everything too. And which, I'm going to blog : )

Speaking of which, I like to have all my Cards made & ready to go by December 1st, or as near to that date as possible. So please forgive me if I bombard you with my makes between now and then.

I have quite a lot to share : )

Love Liz xx

Card Credits
130mm White Card Blanks.
Patterned Papers: 'Berry Bright' Designer Digital Paper Pack printed onto 120gsm White Paper.
Sentiments: 'Christmas Banner' Sentiments printed onto Smooth White Card
Bow Die: Lil' Inkers
Craft Twine, Mini PomPoms & Bells, Glitter & Gilding Flakes

2 comments on Step-by-Step to Christmas 2020: Before I Begin...

  1. I wish I had read this before making all my cards! General cards don't seem to hack it with some people. I'm going to copy and paste this onto my Christmas card list so that next year I can be like you!
    Thank you
    Faith x

    1. Hi Faith : )

      I'm very pleased you find it helpful.
      It certainly works for me : )