How To Fold A Simple Envelope Wrap (Square Cards)

So, today I want to show you how I folded the Envelope Wraps I made for my Cards in yesterday’s post.
This method of folding works really nicely for Square Cards. To get the best, consistent results, I would use different sized sheets of Paper to make Wraps for different sized Cards. I’ll go through those at the end of the post.

But for today's Step-by-Step, my Cards are 130mm square. And I’m using a full size sheet of A4 Paper to make the Wrap.
I like to create a Template to fold around to make Envelope Wraps, rather than use any Cards I have made. And I just make that from any spare piece of Card cut to about about 3-5mm larger than my Card Base.

I like to create a Template for 2 reasons …
  • I will be folding against the edges of my card. Sometimes I like to use a Bone Folder to create nice, clean folds. By folding against a Template I know I’m not going to damage my Card whilst I do that.
  • And the extra size is especially important if your card, like mine, has lots of depth, like my bows. I know the extra few mm will accommodate that without spoiling the shape of the finished Wrap.

I printed the Paper Designs for my Envelope Wrap double-sided onto basic 90gsm Copy Paper.
1. Make a small mark, at the edges only, exactly half way down your sheet of paper. So at the point you might be folding an A4 sheet to make an A5 Card. I pinched mine to mark them. But you could mark it with a pencil if you prefer.

Lay your Template diagonally, and centrally, across the paper using your marked points as a guide.
2. Following the numbers on the image above, beginning with number 1, fold each point towards the centre of your Card, in order. So, in from the RHS to begin, then up from the bottom, then in from the LHS & finally, down from the top.
Use the edge of your Template to fold & crease your paper. And fold & crease firmly. This will help you create an Envelope Wrap with neat, clean edges. And be perfectly square : )

Each fold should cover the edges of the folds below it. If it doesn’t, try moving your Card slightly to the right before you begin folding. A move of just a couple of mm could make a difference to how neat yourWrap will look as its unfolded : )
3. Secure to finish. And that’s it! You’ve made an Envelope Wrap : )

Now carefully open your Wrap to remove the Template, pop your Card inside & fold everything neatly back into place.

I wanted my finish these Wraps to co-ordinate with my Cards.
So to secure them, I used a Round Paper Seal which I’d die-cut from a spare piece of Paper & gilded it to match the Card I’d made these for. And glued it into place using PVA adhesive.
And I wrapped a matching Snowball trim around it as well.
So... for different size Square Cards …
The Card this Wrap is for is 130mm square. So I used a 135mm square Template to create the folds. And a full sheet of A4 Paper to make the Wrap.
For 125mm Square Cards, I would use a 130mm square Template & a full A4 sheet of Paper.
For 110mm Square Cards, I would use a 115mm square Template & trim 2 1/2cm from the bottom edge and one side edge of an A4 sheet before I folded a Wrap.
For 100mm Square Cards, I would use a 105mm square Template & trim 4cm from the bottom edge and one of the sides.

But I would fold Envelope Wraps for A6 Cards in a slightly different way.
We’ll do that another day : )

Next, I’m going to share the Cards I’ve made as spares. My just-in-cases : )

Love Liz xx

Card Credits
130mm White Square Card Blanks.
Backing Paper: 'Silver Cloud' from the 'Berry Bright' Designer Digital Paper Pack, printed onto 240gsm Smooth White Card.
Sentiments: Free 'Modern Christmas' Sentiments', printed onto 240gsm Smooth White Card.
Bow Die: Lil' Inkers.
Scraps of pink Card, Crochet Cotton, Mini Snowballs & a selection of small Sequins & Adhesive Gems.

Envelope Wrap
Plain Paper: 'Silver Cloud' from the 'Berry Bright' Designer Digital Paper Pack printed onto 90gsm Copy Paper.
Patterned Paper: 'Snowballs' in 'Silver Cloud' from The Colour Collection, printed onto 90gsm Copy Paper.

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  1. Beautiful envelope, love the seal. I've done this before, but didn't like it as I couldn't get it right, seems I should have moved the card! Great tip. Thanks.
    Faith x