My Story

Hello. I'm Liz Armstrong.
I’m a self-taught Designer / Creative who loves to design pretty papers and make cards & gifts to give to my family & friends.
And I'm delighted to meet you : )

Up until the end of 2015, I designed & created the Pink Petticoat Collection of Digital Papers, Images & Sentiments for Card Makers. When I closed the Boutique, I put away all my pretty papers & ribbons and took a break from all things papery.

And they stayed there. Until recently when I felt ready to start making cards again. Just for pleasure. And just for myself.

The Lovely Studio is ...
A place to share the cards I make.
A place to share share my creative finds and the things that inspire me.
And a place to share my new designs for paper. Which I still love to do.
From time to time : )

I believe that we create the most fulfilling, authentic and creative life for ourselves by following our hearts & staying true to ourselves, even if what we're doing doesn't fit with the latest trends, or the world around us. In Creative Freedom. In creating our own way.
And I believe that style is personal.
And that the best results come from making the simplest things.

My Creative Style? Well...
I love a beautiful sentiment, handlettering & experimenting with typography.
I love a gorgeous sheet of paper & beautiful floral designs.
I love organic influences, natural textures & soft pretty pastels.
And occasionally, I love a little bit of sparkle.

No longer my day job, designing papers & making cards are now some of my favourite little creative luxuries in life. Not a necessity by any means but most certainly, for me, an incredible lovely-ness ♥

And you're more than welcome to keep me company along the way. In fact, it would be just lovely if you did. ♥

Welcome to my blog.
Welcome to The Lovely Studio.

You can also find me on PINTEREST  (I love Pinterest!)
& find my latest designs at THE LOVELY STUDIO: THE BOUTIQUE

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