Step-by-Step to Christmas 2020: Step One

So I now have a plan of exactly what I want to make for Christmas this year.
I am ready to move onto my Step-by-Step to Christmas Crafting Process for making them.

Just to recap … my Step-by-Step to Christmas Crafting Process is a system I have developed which helps me make sure I get all my crafting for the season done, on time, regardless of when I begin. Experience has shown me that if I follow specific steps, in a certain order, and make time to do them, I will stay focused & organised, keep my costs down & get everything I want to make, made on time. And I can craft for Christmas the way I want to craft for Christmas : )

Today, I’m doing Step One: WHAT DO I ALREADY HAVE?
In this Step I make sure I have enough supplies to make everything I want for the Season. And put together a Shopping List for anything I might need, or want, before I begin crafting in earnest.

Craft Basics
I tend to use the same kind of things on my cards all year round - same twine, buttons, felt, ribbons, card blanks, envelopes, adhesives, dies etc. And of course, my favourite card and paper for printing. So the core products I use for Christmas Crafting are the same. Anything I have that's just for the season is simply an addition to the things I use all year round.
I check I have enough of all of these.
I also check whether any of my tools need replacing. Christmas is my biggest crafting event of the year. If eg my die-cut machine needs replacing, I would do it at this time of year. I wouldn't want to struggle with old equipment when I have a lot of cards to make.

Christmas Basics
For me this is things like Papers, Glitter Paper, Glitter, Christmas Ribbons, Christmas Embellishments, any printed items I may have saved from previous years etc. It helps that I keep my Christmas stash separate to everything else. It makes it simpler to do this.
I check I have enough of these too.
Then I make a note of anything else that I have, which I'd particularly like to use. Or use up.

And for me, this year, from my Christmas stash, I have a lot of Wooden Toppers. A lot.

I’ve bought these over the past few years from The Range & Hobbycraft. I've used a lot. I like them on my Christmas Cards. They are fabulous for bulk-makes. But I still have some left. And I would like some new ones. The way I see it, if I use these this year, I can justify buying some new ones, in new designs, next year : )
And do you remember *these* beautiful Red Velvet Ribbons? Well I still have some left. They're far too lovely to be sitting in a box. I’d like to use what I have left of these on my makes this year too.

By the time I’ve completed this Step, I know what I currently have, I know what I need & I now have my Shopping List : )

This step always, always, saves me money on Step Two … going shopping to buy the things I need. I'm hoping to find something totally new to inspire me too : )

I’ll show you what I chose this year in my next post : )

Love Liz xx 

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