New: From The Archive

Today, I'd like to introduce you to a new Blog Category.
I’m calling it ‘From The Archive’ & I’m going to use it to incorporate all the creative posts from my old Pink Petticoat Blog onto this one.

It’s just unnecessarily complicated having 2 Blogs.

Even though I no longer add anything new to the Pink Petticoat blog, it does have a lot of content I still like to link to & use. I just think life would be much simpler if everything was in one place. And I like simple : )

Plus it’s time consuming searching through two blogs for a post I want. And who has time for that!

So throughout the next 12 months I’m going to be bringing all the creative content here. The posts will be exactly the same - same images, same text - just in a better place. My aim is to close down the old Pink Petticoat blog entirely when I'm done.

So … if you think you’ve seen these Cards before, you’re right! Originally posted on the Pink Petticoat Blog way back in 2015 (I know!), it’s the first one I’m bringing across : )

And this is how I made the Cards …
I created the background for both my cards in exactly the same way ...
... a light spray of Spray Mount Adhesive across my card base, with an even lighter sprinkle of gold chunky glitter on the top. I sprinkled it all over the card base for the grey card. And just across part of it for the white one. Then I left them to dry overnight.
For the gold glitter star, I applied a thick layer of PVA adhesive to a star shape cut from white card. And added an equally thick layer of gold glitter - the same chunky glitter I'd used for the background.
I did this at the same time as I did my background. So it too, was left overnight to dry. I have to admit to being a little surprised to discover how much the edges had curled as it dried. But it was a pleasant surprise. I really liked it.

I then added it to my card with a length of button twine, secured in place with handmade Washi Tape, made from a sentiment.
The faceted star was created using the same star shape cut from ready-glittered gold card, which I simply scored across all five points, folded gently into shape and mounted it to my card using silicone glue.
And voila! Two very sparkly Happy New Year Cards : )

Love Liz xx

Card Credits
Grey Card Base: Paperchase.
White Card Base: Dovecraft.
Sentiment: 'Christmas Sentiment Ribbons'.
Star Die: Papertrey Ink.
Chunky Gold Glitter, Gold Glitter Card, Button Twine.

2 comments on New: From The Archive

  1. Loved everything on Pink Petticoat, so good to see them here too. Gorgeous creations.
    Happy New Year
    Faith x

    1. Thank you Faith : )
      Happy New Year to you too!